Monthly Archives: February 2011

Interior Mapping

This technique is not really brand new, but today was the first time I heard about it. Using Interior Mapping one can add a lot of detail to buildings which have been created from simple geometric primitives without creating additional geometry. All the work is done completely within the pixel shader.

The technique was developed in 2008 by Joost van Dongen.
And for the interested reader here comes his development thread.

This technique is especially useful for scenes which take place inside a large city for example. The buildings can be created completely from simple primitives. Besides the obvious elevation for artists, this also reduces the amount of geometry that has to be processed.

So no more totally reflective windows in the future, nice!

A different kind of taskmanager

I just found this article accidentally while having my first cup of coffee in the morning. From time to time I urgently need something like this to replace the default windows taskmanager.
Doom as a tool for system administration

The Virtual Yacht has a new homepage

The Virtual Yacht is a novel interactive configuration system for boats which is currently being developed by five students from Düsseldorf in Germany.
For information on future development of the yacht configuration system, please visit our project site.