Monthly Archives: December 2012

WebGL – Deferred Arealights

To continue this series on WebGL-based deferred lighting, we just finished another deferred lighting demo at the redPlant demo section.

This new application is showing a deferred arealight implementation, again WebGL based, again done with three.js and again with public source.

Have fun and merry christmas!

WebGL – Deferred Spotlight with Deferred Shadowmapping

There is a new demo at our redPlant demo section showing an WebGL based implementation of a deferred spotlight with deferred shadow mapping. It again utlitizes the three.js library. However if you are planning on doing deferred stuff with three.js, I highly recommend waiting for alteredqualia’s WebGLDeferredRenderer, which will include a more sophisticated integration with the three.js libary. You can follow the discussion on github.