Render-Cluster im MSL

This project was created during my time as a research assistant at the HFU.

It is basically an interactive virtual tour through the building of the college. Potential students who want to learn about the institutions of the university can use this system to explore the campus in a virtual environment. They are accompanied by a three-dimensional agent, who guides them through the environment and assists in the navigation.

The user navigates using a Wiimote for movement and an A.R.T. tracking system for the orientation. The application is rendered in stereo on three back projected screens. The system setup includes one masterstation that is running the simulation, processes user input, controls the agent and so on. This masterstation is also responsible for distributing events such as position, orientation of camera, agent etc to the three render slaves. Each of the render slaves receives messages from the master and renders the scene accordingly with the respective view angles.

Some of the features are the following:

  • Automatic search space creation from a physical model of the building
  • Real-time pathfinding
  • Dynamic path postprocessing
  • Motion-captured animations
  • Stack based FSM for the agent control

The application is powered by:

MSL project page

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