Fast Lattice Shape Matching in Unity3D

This is just a little Unity3D wrapper for Alec Rivers FastLSM Library.

  1. Is the wrapper you made here available anywhere?

  2. Hi Anthony,
    no unfortunately the wrapper is not available for download, because it is not complet yet. The video shown is more a proof of concept, that the technique can be integrated into Unity3D.
    I’m not sure when I will find the time, to continue working on it, but it is still on my ToDo-List :)

    But if you want I can send you a bit of information on how I did it and then you can implement your own wrapper. It really isn’t that difficult if you feel comfortable with Visual Studio and a little bit of C++.


  3. If you would be willing to do that it would be fantastic! 😀 Can you see my e-mail here? or have a less public place I can give it to you if you can’t?

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